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Always Quality Crafting Pods

 We are the central hub for your dried pods, flowers and grasses for your crafting needs. Yes we are in stock "10/31/14"  We gather our floral craft from over twenty farms through out the country, including our own. We know that when you craft with our Dried Pods and flowers, you won't go anywhere else again!!

I just want to thank our customers. If you are a new customer or a cusomer that just keeps coming back to us. As we promised, We have stayed in stock all year and provided Free U.S.P.S Priority 2-3 day shipping. Use coupon code harvest get 10% off your next order. .

We are in stock with no end in sight update 10/31/14

Take Advantage of our excellent customer service. We also sell 10 and 20 pound lots. Just click on any picture and go to our big commerce store. YOU CAN NOW BUY RIGHT FROM OUR SITE. PLEASE CALL IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE. 425-954-5040 ALL ORDERS WILL BE SENT OUT AS SOON AS WE RECIEVE PAYMENT SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED

Our product's are the BEST in the country. These beautiful variations of purples, blues, tans and greens coupled with thick walls make them a perfect addition to any crafting needs! They are strong and hardy for any floral decos or arraignments you could want or imagine to make!

We offer a "Quality Control" refund on our products, as well. If you find a "Bad Apple" in the bunch, then simply mail it back and we will replace it- AND throw in 100% extra product to cover your return shipping cost and for you troubles, of course.

Our pods are for decorative purposes only.

They are not to be taken internally. No pesticides are used in the growing of our poppies. However, we have not tested these pods or their seeds for pesticides. There may be residue from previous crops or it may have blown in from nearby fields. So if you wish to use poppy seeds for cooking or to express for their oil please buy them at your local supermarket as those will have been tested for pesticides.

!!!!!!Our Products are for Craft use only. We do not CONDONE ILLEGAL USE OF OUR PRODUCTS WHAT SO EVER !!!!!! . . . . .